Education for Single Mothers and Their Children Experiencing Homelessness

Family homelessness is a quiet crisis in cities across the United States. This organization addresses the root cause of homelessness – severe, continuous, chronic trauma – as a first step toward recovery. The agency also assists mothers and families as they gain the skills they need to become self-sufficient. 

Improving Accessibility for Senior Citizens

Participants will work with an organization that provides assistance to people who are elderly. Throughout the week, participants will work together to help build wheelchair ramps to assist the organization. Participants will also take time to get to know the senior citizens and the people they are building the ramp for. This trip will depart on December 31, 2016. 

Rebuilding the Lives of Refugees

The world’s worst humanitarian crises force millions of refugees to abandon their homes as a result of war or disaster. This nationally accredited organization allows participants to work directly with refugees from around the world to provide language lessons, employment counseling, health care education, and interaction with the youth programs.

Restoration of Coastal and Wetland Regions

This organization works on a variety of projects to help restore their community. These projects include wetland restorations, tree and marsh grass planting, as well as repairing and updating houses with new energy efficient systems. This organization also focuses on educating school children about culturally significant local food options and environmental science. Participants will focus primarily on coastal restoration efforts throughout the week. Projects may include large scale tree and marsh grass plantings, working in the nursery, working on construction projects, and perhaps using the provided canoes and powerboats to perform specific planting projects. This trip will depart on December 31, 2016. 

Poverty Through Children’s Eyes

Sister Berta and Sister Corita responded to the requests of families searching for quality care for children of the working poor.  This nationally accredited organization allows volunteers to work directly with children of all ages assisting teachers as children are given the opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential through a variety of services.  Volunteers will also spend time out of the classroom assisting with projects that offer services and support to the needs of our families.

Civic Advocacy: Grit, Grind, and Shine.

What does it mean to care for all of your city? Failing schools, poverty, under-resourced neighborhoods are descriptions of a city that has so many folks caring deeply for its well-being. Our organization will give you the insight to the city’s fascinating past, gritty present, and hopefully future, as you serve along our partners who care for the city’s vulnerable. 

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

This organization was created and dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals within the community. This organization also works to provide immediate medical care to those too old, too young, too sick, neglected, abused and deprived of love. Throughout the week, participants will be able to spend quality time with the animals while also helping clean and maintain the facility and property. Participants will work to help socialize dogs in play yards, socialize cats, feed animals, clean cages and organize supplies, laundry and dishes. 

Education, Sustainable Farming and Ecotourism (International)

Participants will learn how small farms in the tropical forest are working in conservation of nature for the long term, while providing positive social and economic impact for the local community. Participants will work on supporting education at a primary school, sustainable practices at a cooperative coffee farm, and promotion of ecotourism as an alternative for conservation of the forests. This trip is international and will require a passport and a flight. Prior to departure, there will be a few mandatory foreign language webinars/online homework sessions. We highly suggest that you have a basic level of Spanish speaking skills.