Meet the Executive Board

Tiffany Khoury, Outreach Coordinator

Greetings! My name is Tiffany Khoury. I'm a senior studying Comparative Cultures and Politics and Communications.  I feel passionate about human rights, avocados, and bold lipsticks. This is my third year being a part of this swaggy organization. I've been on trips focusing on refugee and immigration issues and last year I was the fundraising chair and resident sub-par comedian. This year I will be coordinating reaching out whilst trying to kickstart my SNL career. If you've made it to the bottom of this, my dream in life is for you to sign up for ASB.

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Sydney Tackett, Finance Coordinator

Hi there! My name is Sydney and I am senior studying Human Development and Family Studies. This will be my fourth year with ASB, and second as an executive board member. I enjoy pizza, obnoxiously singing in my car, and having conversations via gifs. I believe that stepping out of your comfort zone is the greatest way to experience personal growth!  I have been on four trips and could talk to you for hours about how amazing and life-changing ASB is! I can't wait to see all of the new faces in our family this year :) GO GREEN!

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Maria Pluszczynski, Site and Education Coordinator 

Hey Everyone! My name is Maria Pluszczynski and I am a senior at MSU studying Kinesiology. This is my third year apart of ASB and I have loved every second of it. I have been a participant and site leader for trips. I believe ASB is magical and life changing for everything it adds to your life. I am obsessed with MSU basketball and football. I love to travel and I want to see the world. My ultimate goal in life is to make a difference!

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Sabrina Vernier, Site Leader Coordinator

Hey! My name is Sabrina and I am a Hospitality Business Junior here at MSU. I'm so happy that you are interested in ASB! I really encourage everyone and anyone to sign up for an ASB trip! It is so much fun to travel, serve, and engage with your fellow Spartans. I promise you won't regret it! When I'm not working with eboard to plan amazing trips for all of you I cuddle with my cat, binge watch Netflix (current: Breaking Bad), and eat a ton of raspberry sorbet! Join ASB and make a create your own Spartan Family! GO GREEN! 

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Lucas Hicks, Participant Chair

What’s up, current and future Breakers! My name’s Lucas and I’m a senior Neuroscience major in the Lyman Briggs college here at MSU. After my undergraduate career is over, I’ll hopefully be spending two years with the Peace Corps before applying to medical schools. I’m an RA in Hubbard Hall as well as a Night Receptionist Supervisor in East Neighborhood. As far as ASB goes, I was a participant my sophomore year on the LGBT Youth and Homelessness trip and a Site Leader my junior year on the Housing and Low-Income Families trip; both trips had huge impacts on my life and my perception of individual people as well as communities as a whole. During that junior year trip, 11 other Spartans and I built almost an entire house over the course of a week, which stands as my greatest achievement of all time. Those trips pushed me to join E-board in an effort to contribute as much as possible to what I’ve found to be the best organization on this campus. I’m your Participant Chair, meaning I’m your main point of communication regarding all things ASB. When I’m not answering your emails, you can find me watching/playing every sport from baseball to ultimate frisbee, playing video games, and/or baking brownies, all the while providing terrible (wonderful) puns.

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Amanda Simon, Domestic Trip Planner

Hi! My name is Amanda Simon and I am a senior studying Kinesiology with a minor in Health Promotion. I joined ASB last year because I'd heard so many awesome things about the program through my friends and I was interested in really getting out of my comfort zone and becoming a more active citizen. My trip focused on rebuilding the lives of refugees and it changed my entire perspective. I am one of the domestic trip planners this year and I hope that I can help to make each of the trips as memorable and as life-altering as mine was. I love running, traveling, Michigan State, and Mexican food and I strongly believe that Mia Thermopolis is my spirit animal.

me (1).jpg

Towne Morton, Domestic Trip Planner

Suh Dudes, My name is Towne Morton. I am a senior studying Political Science Pre-Law. This will be my Third year with ASB. The people and social issues I have worked with have changed my life, and if you ever want to see a grown man cry just start talking to me about ASB. Some of my favorite activities include: swimming in the red cedar, running to the refrigerator, and anything that involves sports (only if I win though). Welcome to the ASB family! My advice for you is to break out of your comfort zone, be weird, and engulf yourself into social issues that touch your heart. I have site lead two trips and have been a participant on one. These trips have reaffirmed my passions of helping other. If I don’t end up working for the CIA I want to start my own non-profit working with at-risk kids and showing them their potential. I’m totally stoked to meet all the new members of the ASB family, and you might not know it now but your lives are about to change! 


Megan Casler, Domestic Trip Planner

Hi! My name is Megan and I am a senior here at Michigan State studying Advertising with a minor in Sales Leadership. This is going to be my third year as a part of ASB, and my first on the E-board. My sophomore year I went on the Animal Therapy for People with Disabilities trip as a participant. Last year I was a site leader on the Understanding and Serving the City trip, and I’m so excited to wrap up my ASB experience as a Domestic Trip Planner! In my free time you can find me in the Izzone, at the football games, on a run through campus, or cuddling with my dog Boomer. I can’t wait for an awesome final year at MSU and with ASB! 


Jen Maisner, International Trip Planner

Hello! My name is Jen and I am a senior studying Applied Engineering Sciences with a concentration in Packaging. This is my third year being involved in ASB and I have loved every minute of it. I started as a participant on a trip to Pulaski, VA that focused on community development and education in public school systems. Last year, I site lead a trip to Santa Ana, Costa Rica to work with the social issue of community engagement, education and development. This trip sparked my interest in becoming the International Trip Planner to be able to further the relationships we made this past spring with our community partners. On Saturday’s in the fall you can find me at the football games and any time the sun is out I am most likely sitting on my front porch with my roommates. I am looking forward to another great year with ASB!



Grant LeVasseur, Treasurer

Hi Everyone! My name is Grant LeVasseur and I am a senior in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program. This year will be my second year with ASB. My first experience with ASB was a trip down to Roanoke, Virginia where we volunteered our time on an urban farm that worked with local organizations to provide healthy food to the underprivileged neighborhoods in Roanoke. I really loved that ASB provided me and others with an opportunity to fully invest in a project that mattered to me and I want to see this organization continue for a long time. I am very excited for the coming year and the trips we have planned, I can’t wait to meet everyone and make these trips a success!

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Savannah Krull, Events and Fudraising Chair

¡Hola! My name is Savannah and I’m a Junior pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. My passion for sustainability drew me to ASB’s sustainable farming and ecotourism trip in Montverde, Costa Rica. My experiences were life changing (cliché, I know) and inspired me to become more involved with this AMAZING organization. As the fundraising and events chair I’m ecstatic to give more Spartans the chance to realize his or her passion via service! Aside from saving the planet, I enjoy reading cooking blogs, snowboarding, kayaking, waterskiing, hiking, running, fishing, road biking, or basically any outdoor activity. More importantly, I’m obsessed with the Red Wings and pugs.


Samantha Ward, Communications Chair

Ahoy! My name's Sam Ward and I'm a senior Professional Writing major, minoring in Public Relations and Arts & Cultural Management. I was a participant when I was a freshmen and a site leader on an amazing trip to Tennessee and Georgia this past spring. I'm so excited to be on your E-Board this year — ASB is one of the most rewarding opportunities you'll have at MSU and I can't wait to help share your experiences with others. Catch me eating grapefruit in Landon caf or skipping along the banks of the Red Cedar when I'm not snapchatting or on the gram. #AlternativeSpartanBreaks #hashtags