Alternative Spartan Breaks Executive Board

Executive Board Position Descriptions:

Executive Coordinator

Assumes the organization's management tasks such as creating meeting times, agendas, and coordinating the time and schedules of the rest of the executive board. This position will also assume the outreach and promotion responsibilities for ASB. Some tasks include but are not limited to: organizing the executive board retreat in August, update ASB's constitution, maintain our relationship with Breakaway, coordinate with the other coordinators to create the organization's calendar for 2017-2018, oversee the coordinator positions and to an extent the remaining board members, handle conflict situations, develop best practices and procedures, create communication and promotion plans, organize monthly organization-wide meetings, deal with on campus and community outreach via info sessions, presentations, and relationship building,  lead and facilitate alumni engagement both in East Lansing and throughout the country on trips, oversee and coordinate scholarship program, and serve as liaison on MSUSERVE board.

Service Coordinator

Assumes all logistical roles and responsibilities of planning and booking housing and service sites. This includes but is not limited to: reach out to community partners to create lasting partnerships, create new relationships to expand on social issues, coordinate trips to trip planners, oversee the completion of community partner agreements, and ensure each trip has sufficient service and housing arrangements.

Education Coordinator

Assumes all education, orientation, and training for the organization. This includes but is not limited to: coordinate the site leader application process as well as conducting site leader interviews with the other coordinators; create a curriculum for all education, orientation, and training sessions; prepare, plan, and execute site leader meetings; collaborate with other coordinators to oversee the content of the site leader material and program as a whole; oversee the site leader chair.

Finance Coordinator

Assumes all financial roles and responsibilities of the organization. This includes but is not limited to: creating a budget for 2017-2018 fiscal year, oversee ASB's two bank accounts, manage funds for all fundraisers and events, reconcile all income and expenses, make all housing and service site payments, create, present on, and transfer individual trip budgets, set up and hold office hours before and after trips return, modify all forms pertaining to finance (refund, AAB, payment schedules, etc...), create a payment schedule for winter and spring trips, oversee all refund requests, and oversee the Treasurer and assist with all trip payments and Adopt-A-Breaker.

Site Leader Chair

Assist the Education coordinator with recruitment of site leaders, assist in recruitment of breakers, manage the relations between all site leaders and executive board members, oversee the trip mentor responsibilities and ensure successful completion of site leader tasks, and assist and take notes during training sessions.

Domestic Trip Planners

Communicate with community partners regarding service and set up housing arrangements, create sustainable relationships with housing and service sites, and relay all necessary information to site leaders.

International & Weekend Trip Planner

Communicate with community partners to plan service and housing for international trips, work to bring diversity to ASB, coordinate and plan all weekend trips.

Communications Chair

Assist Executive coordinator and events and fundraising chair in any activities they need, promote ASB and its mission through all forms of social media, newsletters, website, and emails. Create graphics and deliverables for events and outreach materials.

Breaker Chair

Point of contact for all participants, site leaders, and university partners, organize application process including the grading of applications, as well as monitoring all ads and drops within trips, work with the treasurer to ensure new ads have submitted payments, check and answer the main ASB email daily.  

Events & Fundraising Chair (1 Position)

Plan and manage all fellowship events, develop effective organization-wide fundraisers, facilitate all organization informational sessions, as well as supporting the Executive coordinator.


Keeps track of incoming trip payments through cashnet, and adopt a breaker donations. Keep in contact with participants who make late payments, those that have set up payment plans and those that have general questions. Help manage outgoing payments and general financial record keeping.