Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I get my volunteer hours verified?

We are happy to verify your volunteer hours! Please click here and complete the form so we can process your request. 

Who can apply to participate in ASB?

Any registered student of MSU is eligible to apply for an Alternative Break! MSU graduate students and faculty are eligible to apply to be ASB Site Staff Advisors.

When can I apply?

Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will open soon.

What is ASB looking for in an applicant?

When reviewing applications, the ASB E-Board looks out for students that are enthusiastic and passionate about service. We look for a willingness to work hard and a willingness to be open to a new culture or community. The E-Board works to create diverse trips by choosing participants with different qualities and interests. We do not necessarily place much consideration on your academic major or field of study – your passion for the social issue is most important!

Do I have to have past volunteering experience to apply for ASB?

No, your experience has to start somewhere, right? We believe ASB is the right place to start!

Can I do ASB again if I've already done it in the past?

Yes! We are always excited to see returnees. You are free to go on a Winter, Spring AND Weekend trip, if you wish. However, you must re-apply every time you wish to participate again.

Why am I applying by issue?

We hope that by having students apply by issue, students will have a more meaningful and engaging alternative break experience.

Is ASB religiously affiliated?

No. ASB is not religiously affiliated and is open to participants of any faith/spirituality.

What makes ASB "alternative"?

ASB is different from your stereotypical spring break. It is unlike any other experience. For a week, you get to volunteer and be a part of something truly meaningful. In addition, ASB is drug and alcohol free.

Can I go on an alternative break with my best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or sibling?

ASB will not honor requests to be placed on the same trip as your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or sibling. All applicants must go through the regular application process. ASB does not encourage friends, lovers and siblings to go on the same trips. Consider what this may take away from the experience. 

Why go on an ASB?

ASB is a wonderful opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to participate in meaningful service. What makes ASB unique is its dedication to service, education and reflection. It will be unlike any volunteer experience you have had in the past. In addition, you meet people that you otherwise would not have met. During the week, you will be with 11 other MSU students from all different disciplines, offering different perspectives and serving the same cause.

Finance Questions

What is the cost of an ASB trip?

Domestic trips (winter and spring) cost $400 per participant, international trips cost $500 per participant, and weekend trips are $45 per participant. If your trip requires a flight you will be responsible for the cost of the trip in addition to the cost of the flight. ASB offers many fundraising opportunities to help lower trip costs and will be introducing scholarships this academic year! 

What does the cost include?

The cost includes transportation, lodging, a group t-shirt, and most meals. Incidental expenses (souvenirs, tours, road snacks, etc.) will be at your own expense.

If I decided that I do not want to participate in ASB after I accept my placement, can I get a refund?

ASB does not offer refunds if you choose to no longer participate. For further information contact our Vice President of Finance, Kierstin Konyha at