Welcome to the Reorientation Directory!

The reorientation directory is an excellent resource for students returning from trips to apply what they learned to their local community. This directory provides a list of local organizations that are working to address local social issues similar to those addressed on our service trips. Follow the instructions below to see what organizations may interest you. If you our interested in being listed in our directory or have a suggestion for organizations that would please contact, asb.msu@gmail.com.

How to use:

To effectively use the directory:

  1. Select one of the Service of Interest.
  2. Choose an organization.
  3. Click the organization to see a brief statement describing their:
    • Service,
    • Time commitment* 
    • CATA accessibility
  4. Follow the link to the organizations website to volunteer.

* Time commitments are listed by the minimum that they state are required. If Varies is stated it means that the minimum is either 1 day ( 1 time service) or it changes depending on position.