Spring Break Trips (March 5-9, 2018)


Helping Homeless Animals:

Social Issue: Animal Rescue/ Animal Care

Each year, thousands of companion animals find themselves homeless and in shelters. This, no–kill, non-profit organization helps homeless pets find new homes and allows participants to help with the day-to- day care and socialization of animals, in a rewarding and nurturing environment. Breakers will assist with providing daily care to dogs and cats, including: walking dogs, cleaning kennels, feeding, and other organizational tasks and shelter chores.

Helping those Living with HIV Share their Voice:

Social Issue: HIV/ AIDS

HIV/AIDS is still a significant health threat in the USA. This organization provides those living with HIV/AIDS with housing, support services, and advocacy, as well as provides HIV prevention education to the community. Breakers will have the opportunity to help prepare and be a part of one of the largest HIV advocacy, speaking to state legislatures about the continued need to fund HIV initiatives in the state.

Brightening Communities - Creating a Renewable Energy Source: FULL

Social Issue: Environmental and Social Justice

Install a solar system for a low-income family with the nation’s leading non-profit solar installer. Breakers will be on the forefront of the solar movement by participating in an actual solar installation for a family in the United States. Breakers will also have the opportunity to learn about low-income solar policy implementation, solar system design, community organizing and most importantly to contribute towards the organization’s vision to make renewable energy accessible to everyone. This trip will require a flight. Flight cost $450 in addition to trip cost.

Civic Advocacy - Non-violence, Truth, and Reconciliation: FUll

Social Issue: Civic Advocacy

Immerse yourself in the history of the Civil Rights Movement and learn about the community that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed about. From training in conflict resolution and racial equity to interactive tours of local historical sites and institutions, breakers will have the opportunity to learn and explore the events leading up to the American Civil Rights Movement.

The Effect of Illness on Childhood: FULL

Social Issue: Childhood Illness

Child hospitalization is a scary experience not only for the child, but also for the family. Breakers will have the opportunity to serve in the hospital setting by working with children and their families. Some of the services that participants will provide include recreation for the children and support for the families during such a difficult time.

Support for at Risk Communities: FULL

Social Issue: Community Development

Help this organization improve the economic well being of low to moderate income families through hunger relief, after school programs and saving programs and more. During their stay breakers will serve at-risk children in an after school academic enrichment environment and learn of the communities struggle regain its wealth. Breakers will also assist this organization with daily task such as food distribution, gardening projects, restoration and housing service projects.

Constructing a Trail -  Adding Miles to the Miles: FULL

Social Issue: Enviroment

Learn more about natural conservation as you assist this organization with building and maintaining a trail.  During their stay, breakers will be volunteering in an area forests, mountains, rivers and wildlife. Breakers will also  learn about the importance of respecting the natural world while building and maintaining mountain trails and removing invasive species.

Fostering a Sustainable Community:

Social Issue: Urban Planning/ Structure

Help this organization breathe new life into  discarded materials as well as their community. This trip entails boosting local communities by making repairs affordable, reducing waste, promoting reuse, and creating green jobs to the lives of people who live there. During their stay, breakers will assist  this organization continue the growth and sustainability of communities in their surrounding areas. 

Helping Our Seniors Remain Independent:

Social Issue: Senior Care

Most older Americans prefer to stay in their homes as they age. For many, there is no family living nearby, and the thought of having to move out of their home and away from everything they know is very depressing. For others, the loss of their home equates to a loss of dignity and autonomy. Breakers will help this organization help our aging community members stay in their homes. By collaborating with several other programs, including, Meals-on-Wheels, Coastal Home Care, and our Senior Centers, breakers will help seniors in this community maintain their independence and health.

Supporting Survivors of Sex Trafficking:

Social Issue: Human Trafficking

Learn more about the reality of sex trafficking in the United States. Breakers will assist this organization in  offering  free support and restorative programs for female survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. While on this trip breakers will be trained on effectively mobilizing in their community and respond to sex trafficking through prevention, outreach, and restoration.

Helping to Improve Hunger:

Social Issue: LGBT Homelessness and Hunger

Each year 1 in 6 people are affected by hunger in the United States. This organization works to achieve health care equity and promote well-being for the LGBT and other under served communities and people living with and affected by HIV. During their trip, breakers will learn about prominent issues, specifically hunger, facing those with terminal illnesses like HIV/AIDS. Breakers will also have the opportunity to work directly and indirectly clients at food storage and distribution sites. This trip will require a flight. Flight cost $500 in addition to trip cost.

Education for Native American Children: FULL

Social Issue: Indigenous Rights and Education

Throughout history, Native Americans have not only experienced direct racism, but also institutionalized discrimination that is still alive and well today. As a result, Native Americans are some of the poorest and most marginalized people in modern America. As a breaker, you will assist an organization foster educational opportunities for Cherokee children. This includes helping with lessons in the classroom and providing Cherokee parents with support teaching their children about Cherokee culture and future opportunities for success.

Incarceration -  Effects on Family and Education:

Social Issue: Incarceration

Having a member incarnated can affect the family unit. Hospitality houses are set up all over the country providing families a place to stay when visiting their loved ones in prison. Breakers will work with the housing unit cooking and cleaning, providing a comfortable and safe place. Breakers will also  be working directly inside the prison with inmates presenting on social programs.  

Housing for Low-Income Families:

Social Issue: Poverty and Homelessness

Long term poverty coupled with the downturn in the economy has forced many individuals and families to live in substandard and often unsafe housing. The partnered organization seeks to provide safe, decent and affordable homes by building new homes and providing rehabilitation to existing homes. Breakers will assist this organization developing  housing for low-income families in need of assistance. During this trip, breakers will also work on various phases of construction including shingling framing floors and landscaping.

Community Development, Engagement, & Education :

Only University Partner position available

Social Issue: Community Development

Immerse yourself in sustainable development initiatives and learn about some of the real challenges facing these communities of this developing country. During their stay breakers will help this organization strengthen civic engagement activities in a small community in a developing country. Breakers will also explore some of the protected areas that have become so significant to the country's future development. This trip is international and will require a passport and a flight. Prior to departure, there will be a few mandatory foreign language webinars/online homework sessions. We highly suggest that you have a basic level of Spanish speaking skills. Total trip cost about $1,600 and requires a valid passport to attend.

Education, Sustainable Farming and EcotourisM:

Social Issue: Environment

Learn how small farms in the tropical forest are working in conservation of nature for the long term, while providing positive social and economic impact for the local community.  During their trip, breakers will work on supporting education at a primary school, sustainable practices at a cooperative farm, and promotion of ecotourism as an alternative for conservation of the forests. This trip is international and will require a passport and a flight. Prior to departure, there will be a few mandatory foreign language webinars/online homework sessions. We highly suggest that you have a basic level of Spanish speaking skills. Total trip cost about $1,600 and requires a valid passport to attend.