Alternative Spartan Breaks are rooted in the relationships fostered between Spartans and outside communities, within trip groups, and throughout the East Lansing community. Below are testimonials from past ASB participants, site leaders, and university partners. They have told their stories to try and convey the impact ASB has had on them, and how they have taken their ASB experiences into their lives. 


Menar Muflihi —

Serving and Understanding: Abroad and at Home

"I knew that if I went to a different country where I did not even speak the language and was still able to do service that I would be able to do service when I got back home to MSU."

Altnerative Spartan Breaks first-time participant and 2016 Winter Mover and Shaker Scholarship winner Menar Muflihi details her experience with service, and how ASB challenged her to be her best anywhere she goes.


Kristen McQuillan — Finding Your Path

"I credit ASB for helping me find my professional path in life, and simply cannot thank the organization enough for all that they do to help the community and those who volunteer."

Alternative Spartan Breaks alumna Kristen McQuillan talks of her experience of finding ASB, going on three trips before her graduation in 2006, and the impact those trips had on her career. 


Ryan Yantz — Never Too Late

"ASB’s structure lends itself to discovering roots of social issues and invites you to accept the challenge of being part of a solution in any and all ways possible."

Alternative Spartan Breaks alumnus Ryan Yantz talks of his experience as a site leader and participant, the incredible service he experienced, and the major impact ASB had on his career path and life. 

Monica Fochtman- Spartans Will Serve

"During the week, we transformed from a group of strangers to a tight-knit group of friends. I heard and saw students put themselves out there- physically and emotionally- to make something better for others."

MSU staff member Monica Fochtman reflects on her experience as a University Partner and how ASB transformed her understanding of what it means to be a Spartan.