Alternative Spartan Breaks University Partners

University Partner

University Partners (UP’s) are required to be MSU staff, faculty, or graduate students. This is a unique mentorship opportunity for the University Partner that provides space to develop rich relationships with undergraduate students that are service-focused. Each trip will be led by two highly trained undergraduate students.  The University Partner will work alongside student site leaders in developing social issue and cultural education for their trip.  They will also be trained in University emergency procedures and lead in the development of telling the trips story. Furthermore, University Partners lend continuous support to the site leaders when needed and are highly encouraged to attend all trip meetings, including pre and post-trip service, social issue and cultural educational events, and general Alternative Spartan Break events.

It is highly encouraged that the university partner participate with their departments’ support, wherein staff are allotted the regular work hours during the week of winter/spring break away from their work responsibilities with pay, and the evenings and weekends are volunteered towards the program for that week.

The program cost are as follows: $250 for a domestic driving trip, $1200 for domestic flying trip, and $1300 for an international trip.  There are fundraising opportunities available.

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