What We Do

Since 1991, Alternative Spartan Breaks has provided Spartans with quality service trips around the country and the world. Modeled after the Citizenship Schools in the 1960's, Spartans are educated on a wide range of social issues as well as our 8 components before attending their trip. Through education and service it is our hope that our Breakers continue to give back to their communities and become active citizens.

Our Mission

Alternative Spartan breaks provides accessible, quality service opportunities, education about social issues, and exposure to diverse cultures and communities to promote the active citizenship of Michigan State University students.


“ASB’s structure lends itself to discovering roots of social issues and invites you to accept the challenge of being part of a solution in any and all ways possible.”
— Ryan Yantz


  • Since 1991, Alternative Spartan Breaks have sent over 400 domestic and international service trips.
  • Helped thousands of students, faculty and staff progress upon the active citizen continuum.
  • Provided thousands of dollars in scholarships. 
  • Have sent over 4,000 breakers across the country and the world. 
  • ASB has Served:
    • 82 Cities
    • 33 States
    • 9 Countries