Winter Break Trips (December 18-22, 2017)


Disaster Restoration: FULl

Social Issue: Disaster Relief

Natural disasters ravage communities, leaving families displaced or living in deplorable conditions. It can take years for a community to recover from the effects of disaster. Put your hand to the hammer and join this organization in helping homeowners return to safe, sustainable homes. Throughout the week breakers will assist this organization in helping locals rebuild and reclaim their city.

City Revitalization: FULL

Social Issue: Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, it can take a community decades to recover. Join this organization as they help local residents bring their homes back to life. Throughout the week, breakers will help with various community gardening projects in an effort to foster community sustainability, growth and trust regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or economic status.

Creating Our Own Family: Participant Slot Available

Social Issue: Homeless LGBT Youth

Every year 1.6 million youth become homeless, 40% of those youth identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. This organization works to combat these statistics. By working to increase the self- sufficiency of homeless LGBT youth they enable them to “go beyond” the shelter system and transition into their stable adult lives. Breakers will help the organization provide educational services, life skills training, community-building recreational activities, and opportunities for self-expression and support for HIV positive youth to empower these marginalized young adults.

Empowering Homeless Mother’s & Their Children: Open to participants; University Partner Position Full

Social Issue: Homeless Women and Children Mental Health

Gain new insight on the issue of hunger and homelessness as your explore the devastating effects on mothers and their children. Breakers will assist this organization in providing recreational activities for the children during the evening children’s program and daily maintenance task during the day. The group will also have the opportunity to tour a men’s shelter in the area to see of hunger and homelessness from the perspective of men.

Rebuilding the Lives of Refugees:Full

Social Issue: Immigration/ Refugees

The world’s worst humanitarian crises force millions of refugees to abandon their homes as a result of war or disaster. This nationally accredited organization allows breakers to work directly with refugees from around the world to provide language lessons, employment counseling, health care education, and interaction with the youth programs.

Restoration of Coastal and Wetland RegionsFull, UNIVERSITY Partner position available (graduate Students, faculty & STaff only) 

Social Issue: Preventing Coastal Erosion and Subsidence Land Loss

Engage in coastal restoration, urban reforestation, and cultural anthropology as this organization strives to protect the local ecosystem and community. Breakers will assist this organization with physical bottom land tree planting and coastal marsh grass restoration projects, to encourage native vegetation growth. These actions will aid in the protection of historic ecosystems, local communities, and native populations in areas where coastal erosion and land loss due to hurricanes is present at an alarming rate.

Community Development, Engagement, & Education:

Social Issue: Community Development

Immerse yourself in sustainable development initiatives and learn about some of the real challenges facing these communities of this developing country. During their stay breakers will help this organization strengthen civic engagement activities in a small community in a developing country. Breakers will also explore some of the protected areas that have become so significant to the country's future development. This trip is international and will require a passport and a flight. Prior to departure, there will be a few mandatory foreign language webinars/online homework sessions. We highly suggest that you have a basic level of Spanish speaking skills.