Hannah's House

Hannah’s House is a Christian, extended care shelter  that provides pregnant women with housing, supportive programs, and spiritual guidance during the pregnancy and up to six months after the baby is born. Hannah’s House is open to all pregnant, adult, women ages 18 or older in need, regardless of race, religious beliefs, or financial status. They provide women with a safe, comfortable home where they can gain the spiritual, physical, and emotional strength to parent their child and work toward self-sufficiency or make an adoption plan. Each mother is mentored during her stay at Hannah’s House, and many seek mentoring after they leave our shelter and continue to receive baby clothes, diapers, emergency food, and ongoing emotional, material, and spiritual care. They also serve the community through our outreach program called, “Hannah’s Attic”, which provides maternity and baby clothes, diapers, and other items needed by families with small children.

Time Commitment: Varies

CATA Accessible: Yes

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